psychotherapy means 

'soul healing'

our mission: everybody does therapy

step 1: make therapy more approachable



we are human, which means we have problems

we are more aware of our humanity than ever: to have feelings that hurt, questions that gnaw, and desires unfulfilled. but we do our best, and that's ok. it comes with the territory. in fact, managing problems well, helps us grow.

times are changing, therapy must change with it

along with becoming more self-aware, our views and habits are changing. old belief structures are going away, replaced by new ways of understanding. technology accelerates this. but we still practice therapy like we're decades, sometimes centuries behind. we need shared perspective, methods, and technology that fit the new needs of our time.

we face three main obstacles

in order for therapy to serve the needs of today, and for more people to benefit from therapy, we face three main challenges:

1. it is intimidating

2. people question effectiveness

3. it is expensive

our mission is for everybody to use therapy, so in the end, we need to address each of these challenges. but we'll do so one step at a time.

first step: make therapy more approachable

the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. making therapy more approachable is our first step. by sharing stories and building a community of believers we help reduce stigma; by tackling modern needs in modern ways we make the experience more comfortable; all in hopes to make getting started easier and much more approachable.

we are a team of clinicians and technologists

as a group of clinicians with extensive experience, as well as technologists who've worked at top companies, we care about making the world better through therapy.

we want your help

whether you're a clinician, scientist, therapy-goer, or any other kind of believer, we could use all the help we can get. the fight to making therapy more approachable, and eventually more effective and affordable, is a long one.

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